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We have over 30+ years of combined expertise in extrusion, conversion, and production of packaging products.

Our dedication to offering high-quality packaging solutions and outstanding customer service has resulted in a firm that creates a range of products that are unrivaled in terms of quality, consistency, and performance in the marketplace today.

Our Mission is to become the world’s most innovative packaging manufacturers by adhering to our core values of accountability, perseverance, innovation, integrity, and respect. We want to be known as a company that emphasizes quality, innovation, and perfection in order to provide total client satisfaction.

Millennium 3000 is a future-focused company. Technology has always been a critical component of our strategy and a major engine of our development. Therefore, we have continued to invest heavily in manufacturing technology in order to participate in a sustainable manufacturing society.

We are one of the first companies in the world to have installed a 67 Nano Layer Cast Extrusion line, giving us the capabilities to manufacture the highest quality & most innovative stretch film on the market today.

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Understanding Who We Are


Millennium 3000 is a company that is ambitious in being the architect of innovative packaging products while being a leader in shaping the sector. Unconditional customer satisfaction is the highest priority of our company, which addresses a worldwide market. Our company, which is rapidly rising among the global leaders in the packaging industry, acts with a disciplined working approach. We are focused on responding to the needs of the markets and the demands of our customers.

Millennium 3000 operates with the environment in mind. While our products designs are human-focused, our operations are committed to ensuring that we leave a livable world for future generations. We hold the perspective that we should respect nature and the environment, which is why our Stretch Wrap produces 50% less waste than any other traditional competitor. Our investment in R&D is shaped with future generations in mind in our endeavor to leave a sustainable world.

Sustainability principles express the aim of creating a better life. We have a strong commitment to participating in the creation of a better world for everyone. In this context, our sustainability principles are as follows:

  • Products should be purchased and consumed as needed.
  • Our production methods should take into account the needs of all living beings.
  • Renewable energy sources should be used.
  • Energy resources should be used efficiently.
  • Recycling must be taken into account.
  • Waste generation should be limited or eliminated.
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A Diverse Stretch Wrap Product Line


Our products attract market attention to their unique functional features. In today’s competitive market environment, the consumers’ conscious approaches make it necessary for the products they demand to be of high quality.

Here are a few examples of our products, followed by our philosophy when manufacturing these goods.

  • High-Strength Hand Wrap
  • Performance, stretchable Hand-Wrap
  • Flexible, performance Machine Wrap
  • Heavy-Duty Machine Wrap
  • Economy Stretch and Machine Wrap options
  • Packaging Machine Tape & Standard Packing Tape

While changing consumer habits diversify demands, the need for sustainable and safe products is greater than ever. Packaging is not only an intermediate material that protects the product and prevents spoilage, but is also a product that is handled by people. The quality of this material, which also appeals to the consumers’ perceptions, has a direct impact on their buying habits.

Packaging is the first contact of the customer with the product. As an important marketing tool that promotes the product, packaging also has the power to guide the customer. It is the highest priority of our company that our packaging products are safe and reliable for consumers, and the application of high quality standards in these materials is the highest priority for our company. All our products exceed hygienic requirements with added anti-bacterial protection. We are pleased to bring you, our valued customers, products that you can safely choose.

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