Power® Line

Our Power® Line is an excellent economical machine film for all standard wrapping applications. This standard performance machine film is used in a multitude of applications and provides ideal performance properties in all categories for an economical machine film. Optimal for standard products, and provides higher stretch capacity, with pre-stretch levels up to 400%!


Superior performance for machine and semi-automatic wrappers. Machine friendly product providing quality performance.


 100% recyclable and up to 50% consumption saving compared to competitor’s similar product.


Ideal for highly unstable products, with extreme durability. Can be stretched up to 400% with uncompromising performance.


Ideal for heavy pallets with sharp and irregular corners. Prevents tearing on heavy & unstable pallets.

Designed for tough loading/unloading and extended transport. Greater clarity, durable from -40 C to 80 C.


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