UltimateWrap® Line

We are proud to introduce UltimateWrap®, created with state-of-the-art technology, containing unprecedented 67 layers of high-performance film. The flexibility of this wrap is unparalleled, with performance stretchability allowing you to wrap your products with the force and stability you need. Produced with innovative formulation technology – we are the global creators and producers of this type of wrap!


Superior performance for machine and semi-automatic wrappers. Machine friendly product providing quality performance.


 100% recyclable and up to 50% consumption saving compared to regular applications.


Ideal for highly unstable products, with extreme durability. Can be stretched up to 400% with uncompromising performance.


Ideal for heavy pallets with sharp and irregular corners. Prevents tearing on heavy & unstable pallets.

Designed for tough loading/unloading and extended transport. Greater clarity and durable from -40 C to 80 C.


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